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Student Travel Subsidies


The Canadian Acoustical Association offers “Student travel subsidies” to assist CAA student members to attend its Acoustics Week in Canada annual conference.


Both undergraduate and graduate students (including postdocs) are eligible to receive a travel subsidy. The eligibility criteria for this subsidy are as follows:

• Full-time student registered at a Canadian university;
• Student member of the CAA;
• Distance traveled to the conference must exceed 150 km (one way);
• Submission of a conference proceedings paper with the applicant as the first author;
• Presentation of the paper by the student at the conference; and
• Registered to the conference and with online application form completed before deadline (usually August 15th, see AWC website for any specific date, usually under Student Information section accessible from the upper left menu)


A payment of $500.00 will be given to each eligible student. The maximum travel subsidy available combined for all students is $10,000.00. Subsidies awarded on a “first-arrived first-served” basis, busing the online application submission date. The recipients will receive their subsidies, at the address specified during their online application, after providing the proofs -if any- requested by CAA Award Coordinator.