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Local Chapters


CAA encourages its members to create local events, under a more or less formal “Local Chapter” umbrella, pending they involve in an active community interested in acoustics. To further support this “Local Chapter” initiative, the association decided in 2018 to:

• Facilitate the creation of such local chapters by allocating an initial lump-sum (to be defined by local chapter convenor and approved by CAA Board of Director);
• Facilitate -where possible- access to a suitable meeting room (as CAA has connection to many academic and corporate entities that may offer such meeting space for free or for a very reasonable price);
• Give visibility for local chapters, by regrouping them under this webpage on CAA website;
• Promote individual events through CAA social media platforms.

Please note that the local chapter should handle directly the collection of fees to cover whatever occasional or recurrent costs may be involved. For any other information, please feel free to contact CAA President.


To date, active local chapters are:

• Toronto and GTA | Convenor: John Swallow. | Regular meetings held since 2018.
• Montreal | Convenor: TBD (Frank Dachassin initiated the movement and is maintaining an active mailing list). | “Happy acoustic hour” every spring since 2007.


Pliteq Ski Day 2020