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Government of Canada, Health Canada, Manager, Acoustical Radiation Physical Sciences Division (ARPSD)

As the Manager of the Acoustical Radiation Physical Sciences Division (ARPSD) within the Consumer and Clinical Radiation Protection Bureau (CCRPB), you will establish priorities in acoustics relevant to health protection; identify strategic goals/objectives; undertake planning exercises and lead a small team.

As both a Manager and Subject Matter Expert in the field of acoustical (infrasound, sound and ultrasound) radiation, you will provide expert scientific, technical, policy and regulatory advice; including: recommendations and interpretation of policies, guidelines and standards to management, manufacturers, industry, government and non-government agencies and the general public.

You will represent the Department as an expert at national and /or international conferences, symposium, seminars and/or workshops.

MORE INFORMATION: https://emploisfp-psjobs.cfp-psc.gc.ca/psrs-srfp/applicant/page1800?poster=1443033

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