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The Directors’ Awards


The Board of Directors of The Canadian Acoustical Association presents two awards annually to the authors of the best papers published in Canadian Acoustics, the journal of the Association. All refereed research, tutorial and review papers are eligible. Technical notes and case studies are not eligible.

  • A $250 award is offered for the best paper by a student member, and
  • A $250 award is offered for the best paper by an individual member

Each award is made to the first author of the winning paper, who must be a member of the Association.


All papers published in Canadian Acoustics in a given calendar year are automatically considered for the awards, which are presented at the Annual Meeting of the Association in the following year.

Early in the year, the coordinator of the awards determines eligibility of all papers published in the previous year and verifies membership of the first authors. A ballot form is then distributed to the members of the Board of Directors, who must evaluate the papers according to the following criteria:

  • Relevance of the topic for the journal;
  • Quality of the introduction and theoretical background;
  • Originality of the experimental methods and analysis of results;
  • Quality of the presentation (text, tables, figures); and
  • Overall contribution to scientific or technical knowledge

Each Director rates the papers on a scale from 3 (very deserving) to 0 (not deserving an award) and votes for the best paper in each category. If there is only one candidate in a category, the suitability of offering the award is considered.

The coordinator compiles the results, identifies the award winners and notifies the Directors at the Board’s spring meeting.


Dr. Christian Giguére, Université d’Ottawa, Programme d’audiologie et d’orthophonie, 451 Chemin Smyth, Ottawa, Ontario K1H 8M5, tel: (613) 562-5800 ext. 4649, fax: (613) 562-5428.

Prize Winners (last 5 years)

Student member
Judith Weidman, Ryerson University
The combined effects of low intensity pulsed ultrasound and heat on bone cell mineralization, Canadian Acoustics 39(4), 37-43
Individual Member
John Bradley, Institute of Research in Construction, NRC
Speech privacy criteria for closed rooms in terms of speech privacy class (SPC) values, Canadian Acoustics 39(1), 3-10

Student member
Joana de Rocha, University of Victoria
Turbulent boundary layer induced noise and vibration of a multi-panel walled acoustic enclosure, Canadian Acoustics 38(4), 9-22
Individual Member
Josée Lagacé, L’Université d’Ottawa
Développement du test de mots dans le bruit: mesure de l’équivalence dels listes et donneées préliminaries sur l’effect d’age, Canadian Acoustics 38(2), 19-30

Student member
Joana de Rocha, University of Victoria
Prediction of flow-induced noise in transport vehicles: development and validation of acoupled structural-acoustic analytical framework, Canadian Acoustics 37(4), 13-29
Individual Member
Michael D. Hall, James Madison University
Clarifying spectral and temporal dimensions of musical instrument timbre, Canadian Acoustics 37(1), 3-22

Student member
Marc-André Gaudreau, École de technologie supérieure, Université du Québec
Méthode demesures terrain de l’atténuation F-MIRE de protecteurs auditifs durant un quart de travail, Canadian Acoustics 36(2), 3-10
Individual Member
Wladyslaw Cichocki, University of New Brunswick
The RACAD speech corpus of New Brunswick Acadian French: Design and applications, Canadian Acoustics 36(4), 3-10

Student member
Shazia Ahmed, Sina Fallah, Brenda Garrido, Andrew Gross, Matthew King, Timothy Morrish, Desiree Pereira, Shaun Sharma & Ewelina Zaszewska, University of Toronto (Mississauga)
Use of portable audio devices by university students, Canadian Acoustics 35(1): 35-52
Individual Member
G. Robert Arrabito, Defence Research & Development Canada
Methods for mitigating the vigilance decrement in an auditory sonar monitoring task: A research synthesis, Canadian Acoustics 35(4): 15-23

Individual Member
Stan Dosso, University of Victoria
Array Element Localization Accuracy and Survey Design, Canadian Acoustics 34(4): 3-13