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Student travel subsidies


The Canadian Acoustical Association offers travel subsidies to assist student members who are presenting a paper at the annual conference during Acoustics Week in Canada.


Both undergraduate and graduate students are eligible to receive a travel subsidy. Other requirements are as follows:

1.   Full-time student registered at a Canadian University;

2.   Student member of the CAA;

3.   Distance traveled to the conference must exceed 150 km (one way);

4.  Submission of a conference proceedings paper with the applicant as the first author;

5.   Presentation of the paper by the student at the conference; and

6.   Registered to the conference

Notes: One-year CAA membership can be obtained at the time of registering to the conference, and this is accepted to meet eligibility condition 2 above. Due to limited funding, a travel subsidy can only be given to students who are first authors and who orally present their paper. The subsidy is for travel to/from the conference destination only and does not include meals, hotels, local taxis or parking.


Students contemplating presenting papers at Acoustics Week in Canada can apply for this subsidy by first notifying the conference organizers with the submission of their abstract. An online application form ) must be submitted by the deadline indicated on the CAA conference website (follow the Students link in the left pane).

Procedures and Duties

  1. Travel receipts must be submitted by the student after the conference to the person indicated on the application form, which must be received no later than November 15. Students traveling together by car can only claim the subsidy for one member of the car pool. The maximum rate payable is $0.40/km per vehicle each way.
  2. The Conference Chair (of his/her representative) must compile a list of students who applied for the travel subsidy, met all the eligibility criteria and submitted travel receipts. The final list of students with supporting documents (original application forms and travel receipts) is transmitted to the CAA Treasurer by December 1st for prompt payments.
  3. The Treasurer allocates specific travel amounts to students according to individual needs and budget. The total amount available for travel subsidies is determined each year by the Board of Directors and is currently limited to $2500.