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Acoustic and Vibrations Professional | Montreal, Qc, Canada | Atelier 7hz

Job Description

Looking for an Acoustic and Vibrations Professional – Atelier 7hz –

To follow up its growth, Atelier 7hz is looking for a professional specialized in Acoustics and Vibrations to perform acoustic (noise equipment, insulation, TR, etc.), vibration and noise measurements. The successful candidate will have to assist the project manager to carry out acoustic and vibrations studies. The main areas are:

• Architectural acoustic and Room Acoustic
• Mechanical equipment Noise
• Transportation Environmental noise
• Environmental vibrations
• Monitoring site noise and vibration

Working for Atelier 7hz it’s:
• Prospects for rapid development
• Technical Continuing Education
• The possibility of having responsibilities quickly on major projects
• The Flexibility of a Young and Fast-growing Company
• An ideal working environment

The successful candidate will have the following skills:
• Beginner accepted
• Theoretical Knowledge in Acoustics, Vibration and Audio
• Measurement experience in the field of acoustics and vibration will be appreciated
• Strictness, curiosity and team spirit
• Fluency in French and English is desired
• Good drafting and synthesis skills are important
• A sensitivity to the domain of audio or music is a plus

Salary: Depending on experience

Conditions: Full time 37h / week, possibility to work at night, possibility to travel to Quebec, Canada and abroad

Location: St-Laurent x Des Pins – Montréal, Qc

Please send your candidacy before the 9th of December 2016 at

Posted 23 November 2016